Subtasks should be linked to the project

I’d like to request a feature to have a subtask automatically assigned to the project. It looks like at the moment I have to assign each sub task to the project manually.

When I look at a summary of the tasks due I’d like to see the task and project for reference. There are many cases where the subtask would be the exact same and with the project label it gets very confusing to look at everything from a high level view.

We are rethinking about sub-tasks internally. A way to handle it differently.

However, this is a big undertaking and we don’t want to disrupt the current working style of a lot of users.

Also, currently if you click on the subtask, you would be able to see the Project name at the top. In the image below its “Test 2”.

Subtasks are not in the same project as the main task.
Time clock or project analysis always exclude sub tasks.

Thank you so much for this feedback. At this moment sub-tasks are not linked to the project but only to the parent task.

This is something we plan on modifying in future releases.