Ability to edit comment

Please add comment editing with keyboard shortcut(cmd/ctrl + :arrow_up:) similar to Slack, Trello, Chanty. We are not always clear at first thought. Perhaps within 5 minutes ( (as with delete) would be great. Thank you for listening.

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Highly agree - we need to be able to edit/delete our comments. Often I will comment, continue working on the project, then realize my comment needs to be revised, or it’s no longer relevant and should be deleted to save time for my team (they don’t need to read things that aren’t relevant)

Comment editing is sth that I needed & noticed on my very first day with SmartTask.

I’m using it frequently in Slack for example.

Sometimes we type something wrong in the comments. We want to edit it but there is no edit button. You have no choice but to delete and write again… It is time wasting. Have an edit option.

I think there are some area that Trello is doing very well that ST can review.


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I have seen 3 other requests for this, 2 as product features, 1 as a bug, clearly this is something that users need. Not having the ability to edit combined with not being able to default the input trigger to "press the button’ instead of ‘send on enter’ , means that I am regularly having to delete and re-write my comments.
Being able to edit a comment is a desperately needed feature, i have no problem for tracking the changes and showing them in the history, but there must be an edit button.

here are the other request for this …

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There are so many customers requesting improvements on the functionality of task comments. having used smarttask for a few months now I can say it is by far the worst issue with the user experience. We see multiple ways this is causing problems, rather than writing an example again, here is one that I added to another feature request card (that I think highlights a lot of the problems)

Can we please get some timeline on when you plan to fix or at least improve the commenting?

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Happy to share that editing comments is now possible.

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