Voice communication/ conferences

Audio calls / non-video meetings / conferences, & SAVE recordings (to be played from app for businesses, when commuting for example

I think implementing something like this could be very beneficial for companies of all sizes; especially Enterprise companies.

This has been implemented in the latest version of SmartTask.


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That looks great. Is there documentation about it? I’m not seeing how one would bring others into the conversation. Thanks.

Hi Kevin,

  1. When you create a meeting in the task view. All of the followers would be notified about the new meeting. They would be able to click on the Join button to join the ongoing meeting.
  2. Meeting in Chat view also works in same way.
  3. Incase you want to share the meeting with someone outside of the organization. In that case you would have to share the link with them. Copy Link button is shown in the image below.

Thanks for your prompt reply and the useful info, Shyamal! I will check it out.

Is the video window size adjustable, aside from full screen?

Yes, that’s a good question and a suggestion. Right now its only a fixed screen size but eventually it would be customizable.

Is there any way that this can be implemented in the mobile app also? The mobile app is behind in features from the web app, also, all guest users can use this feature?

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@Dave_Exequiel_Suico Mobile app would see this feature soon in upcoming releases.