Timeline zoom for hours

It seems the timeline is designed for companies having projects extending for weeks/months/years.

Please keep in mind that there are not only web designers or SEO consultants in this world :wink:
In our case we organize events, which are normally realized in a single day.

As it is now, the timeline is absolutely useless for us, as we would need to see the hours, instead of days.
Using the calendar is not an option, as you’ll never have the same complete overview as the timeline…

That’s why it would be really helpful to switch or zoom the timeline to a more granulated daily view.

The timeline doesn’t show the year. Some of our project extend up to 3 years. Would prefer to have something like MS project ability to show time in weeks of years (with Sat/Sun greyed out). Also the printing doesn’t allow any filtering of desired dates.

also a preview before print would be nice.

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