Timeline View - New features, bugs and questions

I want to create template, lets take example, building up html landing page. I will make shorter example.

Task 1: design (3 days)
Task 2: development (6 days)
Task 3: content administration (2 days)
Task 4: publishing (1 day)

All tasks are created in system and they have estimations. When we switch on timeline view, we have this:

1. BUG: Why task 3 content in timeline view is this much small?

2. FEATURE: If i put estimation per task, i am expecting in timeline view that tasks are already having width of estimation? So for ex. development should be 20 days long? Now everything looks only 1 day task and it is far away from estimated time.

This example of organization is waterfall kind, after task 1 is finished, task 2 is starting. I manually expand every task on estimation length (manually, which is not good and time consuming) and make tasks dependable so members of team have notifications when they need to start assigned tasks.

3. FEATURE: If we have dependency tasks, task 2 cant be started before task 1 is not completed. So if it is estimated that task 1 lasts 3 days, then task 2 should start in timeline from 4th day. I know this is not always scenario, but much more common then two dependable tasks are starting in same time.

Conclusion: estimated times of tasks should be represented in timeline like dependency is automatically represented so their length should be equal with estimation if it is already existing. If we have dependent tasks, timeline organization should have dependency about starting dates too.