Time tracking per project

Time tracking is global and more per user, but project managers need time tracking reports per project. So i want to see how much working hours is logged from what users in specific project. Possible?

I find it but confusing location:
Time tracking > Analytics > Select Project > Result

For this view it is good to have shortcut directly on project navigation. So much clicks to see on project time tracking.

Hey @Ognjen_Odobasic , that’s a very good idea.

We can have a button in the tasklist view itself in the project. Let us know if you have an idea where we should have the button in project view.

In UI main navigation of project is in top bar (project title position) where we have task navigation, i will try firstly to find it here.

Maybe one more suggestion because you can improve easily, very early you have … (opening sub menu Files, Contacts) and there is so much space on right side. Front-end devs should make this more responsive so people with wider screens can see expanded all information. If screen size is smaller, then u optimize and put more (…) with sub menu.