Task View for Projects

I have 2 projects and it shows the tasks & dates ( that are named the same as it is a template tracker). For example “Projects Install”
When I click on the task it shows the name of the project.
But this is in my opinion is not good. Imagine when I have 30 projects. It will all look the same & I will have to keep clicking too see which project it is.

There has to be a way to show the name of the project along with the task in the mobile app?

You have to allow a method to show the name of the project.

You now have option to sort the tasklist by project in the mobile view. Also a few more sorting options have been added. :tada:

This method of upvoting seems to be limited to 2. I can’t vote on anything without removing one of my first 2 votes. So many people must be having the same issues I’d imagine.

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We already increased the number to 15 votes.

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@Shyamal why are votes limited?

I think it’s a great method and my understanding was allowing your team to know what issues/requests need to be addressed first?
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Many thanks!

Hi @Giulia I think the vote limit is already 15 votes I guess.

The idea is for you to vote on the features you feel should be prioritized. If we allow voting on all features, it would mean someone out there would vote on all the features and that way there is no prioritization.


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