Task Count in Analytics page

The Task count in Analytics page seems to only capture the main task.
Should include sub task for better task monitoring

For this you need to utilize the Advanced Search option.

how to save the advanced search chart to the main analytics chart in project?

When you do a Advanced Search, there at the top in the navigation bar you will find a 3 dot icon, clicking on it would open a dropdown with a “Save Report” option. When you save the report, the report would be available in the sidemenu, you can later add Custom Charts to it or change the report’s name.

so i tried to filter a specific project with advance search but to include sub task

  1. Go to advance search
  2. select project
  3. add another field > subtask > only sub task
  4. search

the search came out empty.

but if i don’t select project from the dropdown list, the filter works!