Tag modify or delete facility

Please provide delete or modify a tag. When some one is new and creating multiple tags and while adding multiple tasks get to know that tag modification or deletion needed. There is no option right now?
Is tag organisation wide or a particular project wide ?

Hi Mohit,

A tag when created is organization wide. Currently there is no way to modify a tag once created. However, once you remove a tag from all the tasks its attached to, you can delete the tag from the organization and create a new.

Alternatively, you can try out Custom Fields feature. Here’s how its different from Tags: https://guide.smarttask.io/fundamentals/custom-fields#gl-fields-vs-tags

Thanks for the clarification, Shyamal.

Now when you sort any tasklist by Tags. You would be able to change color and delete the tag from the option button next to the Tag name.

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