Subtask to Main task and vice-versa

I would LOVE to be able to make EXISTING tasks a SUBtask AFTER it has been created. Often times, we find tasks created after the fact, belonging to a group of tasks or to a ParentTask.

Instead of deleting and starting over (choose the Parent task, then click ADD subtask, re-create subTask), it saves lots of click time to either drag and drop (or have the ability to set the existing task as a SubTask).

Look forward to this being implemented.

It should be possible to move a sub-task to the main tasks list per drag and drop.

I have all my clients as a task, that way I can easily search for a client and write notes of a call on them. If they ask me to do anything I create a subtask so I can see all tasks in that maintask.

If they write a mail, I forward the mail to smarttask but its a main task. I want to be able to move that as a subtask and if possible I want to be able to have 2 maintasks.
Because I automattically create a ddaily task with Pabbly for my daily survey (calls and meeting) Any subtasks relating to that I would like a direct link to the daily task and the client task.

I know I can create projects for clients, but with more then 100 clients it’s not that easy to search for.

+1 for this, it was requested some time ago, any updates or plans to implement this ?

Currently we are undergoing a UI revamp, we would try and accommodate this feature in the revamp.

This is the most significant feature that I miss from Asana. Do you have an ETA on this?

Yes, you are the one app I have faith can beat Asana by implementing what they have plus what the DONT HAVE that made me leave Asana. Please have this basic feature of being able to make a task a subtask and a subtask into a task.

Thank you very much @Dana_Garrison we are considering a new way to order tasks which would potentially solve this issue. However, there is no ETA on when it would available yet.