Show Parent Tasks next to Subtasks names

Self-explanatory. I believe there are many organizations where team members deal with tasks of the same kind that are part of waterfall management, so adding the parent task’s name next to a subtask will be a life-saver!

Second this one - my task list is pretty useless as an overview when it’s just the same 3/4 subtasks repeating over and over.

Attached is how Asana handles it, which is pretty much as Tina has explained above.

This is a small tweak, but would make the tool so much easier for my editorial team to see what’s coming up. Am sure a lot of other organisations who have repeating tasks feel the same.

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Makes a lot of sense !

+1 for this
Sub tasks tend to be more ‘general’ like ‘review’ or ‘get quotation’ etc etc, and since its a subtask, its painful to have to give it a specific name relating to the main tast. As Tina already demonstrated, what you end up with is a link with no way to know what main task the subtask relates to. This really is a must feature.

Must have feature. This helps with the overview as you can easily see what main tasks this relates to.