Show more related client info in Task, and show in Modal View(popup) instead of going to Client page

When busy with a task, especially in Sales Oriented projects, you want to have everything in one screen that relates to the specific customer. In this case I would use the example of an Outbound Call list (each call is a task).

  • List item Add multiple tabs to a client with additional client info (like recent purchases, associated contacts, prospect value)

  • List item When needed to expand the Client info when busy on a task, show only in Modal Window with the details, so, you can go back just by closing the modal. Preferably (especially in this time of advanced UI development) leaving this up to the user, so making the size of the contact window more customizable, and what info to show in it.

Thanks for pointing this out. This has been in our todo list for a long time, will see if we can expedite this feature.

This has been addressed in recent release