Select multiple tasks (Shift + Select)

Selecting a task and clicking another one, holding the Shift key or another command keys, should select all tasks between.

We have this in pipeline for near term implementation. Since we have sections in the tasklist its a little complicated than what you have in Quire. Anyways, we are working hard at having this released as soon as possible.

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Has this been fixed? Could it be possible for Contacts as well please?

We are currently working on it. Would take sometime, this is a major feature.

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We understand but will be definitely very useful for all to speed up work, no doubt!


It is a terrible experience to Cmd/CTRL+click each item in my to-do list. As a project manager with many projects ongoing, I want to Shift+Select an entire group of items for updates, completions, groups, etc.

Thanks a lot Nick,

This is a feature that been on our mind since some time now. We are working on it in the background. However, given the complexities its taking sometime.

We would try and expedite this feature.


We can do this with the command button, one item at a time. I would love Shift + Select, but even more important to me is if two of the options would be: moving multiple items to a new project or section, and editing tags.