Remove Forums & Replace with more Modern approach


Firstly, I would like to say I enjoy SmartTask and love the features it employs right off the bat. As a disclosure statement, this is not really a product feature as my suggestion implies, but could be helpful without knowing it in hindsight. Let me explain.

Idea: Remove the forums and replace with your already awesome SmartTask system for Product Updates.
It would be similar to the way Infinity does its roadmap.

  1. Can accomplish everything already here in the Forums in a way that is more appealing.
  2. Can showcase SmartTasks features with simplicity.
  3. Allow member feedback in those tasks sections.
  4. Better oversight of permissions and a way they can be managed by using this methodology.
  5. Better understanding of what to improve based on Karma system or a voting system.

Reason: By showcasing your Product Updates and Roadmap via the SmartTask system, you are allowing users to try SmartTask without even signing up. It also allows members to comment on upcoming features, backlogged features, and much more.

Important Notes:
Things to consider before implementing:

  • User-based permissions must be on point. (i.e guest can comment only on this, members can comment and add this, and so on. It’s more than likely things that would need to get implemented anyways for highly customizable permissions that admins can control Unfortunately it is something that SmartTask lacks right now.

  • Importance of not clogging it up with things such as users submitting bug requests. The goal is to make it look clean and sleek. In my opinion, these should be sent directly as an email or submission forums. Bug fixes could go in as a section in the group of Product Updates and Roadmap, but only admins would put these Bug fixes here.

  • Lastly but one of the most important IMO. Updates and Roadmap probably should be two different groups. People like when things are added and fixed… but human nature is to see what the next best thing will be(that they want). If it is planned on the roadmap for the future, someone would more then likely stick around and wait for it to be implemented rather then just guess around or entirely move along to many other PM/CRM tools out there. Talking about mid and long term here.**