Recurring Reminders for a Task

It would be nice to have recurring reminders for a task (for example send a reminder every 2 days if this task is not marked as complete).

I would even suggest to have automatic reminder before task is due.
At the moment I have to set a reminder at a specific date. Which is weird.
How about making a reminder each 3-2-1 day before due time and then overdue reminders?

Yes this would be great!r

This seems like a internal team issue rather than the product issue.

SmartTask is supposed to be utilized daily. Just like you have Gmail / Email client open in your browser tab daily.

If your team does this they would be able to see the tasks that are pending in their own view. Do note, overdue tasks are shown in red background (easily visible).

End of the day, having 100s of reminder in a day is not going to solve the issue. Its rather the team’s willingness to address those tasks.