Project Wikis for collaborative editing

Would like to request for additional Wiki tab for each project with sections divider and able to attached image.

That’s a great idea, sure let me pass that on to the team.

How about mindmap tab?

Midmap will be a good addition. We use Flow chart to automate our project flow, but might get complicated.

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Is this a request for adding a wiki feature (and accessing it via a tab), or is there already a wiki functionality that I’m not aware of? Thanks.

This is a request for wiki tab for each project.

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Is there currently a “wiki” feature in SmartTask, and you are asking that it be made accessible via a new “wiki” tab?

Or are you asking that they create a new “wiki” functionality in SmartTask and suggesting where they might make it available?

Refering to the latter. Should I just change the wording to "additional tab for wiki for each project? "

Thank you for the clarification, Daniel. Clearly, Shyamal and the SmartTask Team understood you, so you did get your point across.

I suppose I would not have been confused if the title had been “Project Wikis”. Cheers.

Hi everyone,

I’d like a feature for creating and working on documents (similar to Google docs or Notion pages) right inside of SmartTask.
Maybe they could be part of the “files” feature but instead of “upload from …”, you would have a new option “create document”. This would be helpful for project documentation, drafting blog posts or outlining project requirements. All without having to switch apps and so that people would be notified in the app when they’re mentioned in the document’s text or in an inline comment asking them to make an edit.


Is this on the roadmap?

No it is not as of now, we would update on this thread if there is a change.

For now, you can integrate with Google Docs in tasks.