Please bring on your own Google assistant feature

I came to know smarttask from Google assistant explore. But later I came to know that smarttask is not accessible directly from Google assistant.
I was really happy after seeing the features, interface and organising ability of smarttask. But it really hurt me when I saw the Google assistant is asking to link with smarttask, and opening the my task page.
I would suggest to bring on your own Google assistant service, not through any other automation service like zapier.
From my view as I was intended to use it for personal purpose, zapier is way too and too much costly and the free plan is disgusting.
And if I was a business owner too, then also I hate zapier because of eats limitations overs zaps and tasks even on the paid plan. (Rgarding the view as business owner)
And now a days google assistant integration are being so much common for apps and services even for freelance developer.
I would like to suggest you please develop your own integration director with Google assistant as soon as possible.
Because, it will open too much scope of usabilities of smarttask for potential it has