Pace of development, long term future of this platform, more regular updates

Obviously the public forum is a difficult place to divulge in depth company information or discuss sensitive topics, but I would like to try and address some concern that has been building over the months since joining smarttask.

To get the point, I see that the pace of development and innovation is much lower than equivalent products. I don’t like to make comparisons, but no doubt, many users have come from similar platforms such as trello, clickup, asana, etc and to start with, these platforms are already more mature, and fully formed in terms of how they work. I’m sure like many, I saw smarttask as an option that offered the simplicity of trello but with a more comprehensive feature set that made it a more powerful solution, which is why I committed and made the switch.

6 months in and very little has evolved, the mobile app (which is useless to me because I can not use @ to mention who the message is for) has not been updated since January and the product roadmap (hosted on notion - that used to get regular monthly updates has also gone quiet since January.

I really want this platform to be great, I think it has such huge potential, but its honestly hard for me to recommend it to others because it feels like a beta program, so many things are frustrating in the way they work and some things are just outright broken. My bigger concern now is my sense that momentum has been lost and we are moving into a holding pattern rather than a product that has active and focused development. I don’t mind putting up with minor issue and continuing to share ideas, but it would be nice to know it’s not all in vain.

Can the developers explain why things have gone a bit quiet and maybe provide some more up to date road maps on when and what features are planned, timeframes etc ?

Bottom line, this forum is a great place to give feedback, but it would be more effective if it was in conjunction with an active roadmap and planned features timeline and perhaps some regular updates (like most of the other platform do) on what is actually being done.


Any response to this?

Is there any reason development appears to have stalled?

I agree with everything you’ve said here. I bought the LTD hoping it would fund future development. This is in some ways already better than most of its competitors, but there are some critical improvements are not being made. Even hearing that they are currently having trouble but working on a way out of it would be helpful.

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Well, we got an update for July of a couple of improvements that were requested more than once on the forum. Is development starting back up now?

@Shimon @J_A_K

I am sorry, I just saw this issue today somehow marked read by me.

Let me assure you we are hard at work, sometimes you may not see it on the surface.

Please understand while Asana, Clickup has a huge team of more than 2000 people we are still a 10 member team. (Though actively hiring and growing in numbers). Note, we raised a fund this year and are yet to completely fillup our hiring requirements. You can checkout the roles we are hiring for here:

Since we got an overwhelming suggestion from the community that we need to revamp our UI. We have been working on the re-design and actively working on parts of the product. (We released a complete revamp of our sidemenu, etc. You can checkout the recent releases here - )

Rest assured as the team size grows and you refer us some good clients :wink: you would see a much faster development pace.

Till next time.

Stay Productive!