Option to change tag colors

Currently gray and hard to tell one from the other.


Hi @Shane this is already available in SmartTask.

  1. Sort the tasks by Tags.
  2. Next to the section, you will see the color sqaure.
  3. Click on this square and change the color of the tag.

We are also considering assigning a random color on creation of tag.


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Will there be a faster way to change the tag colors?

@kiki I recommend creating a new feature request so we can track it.

We prioritize features based on Demand, Impact, Future Outlook and coherence with our values and current feature set.

Thank you so much - I had the same issue that some important tags (like my “appointment” tag) were colorless and so didn’t stand out. Now I know how to fix it. Would be nice if you’d put that somewhere in your help documentation.