Open and Close button for all SECTIONS

1 The Section Name , often denotes a Process stage. And all the sections together denote a PROCESS Sequence. It is essential to see all the Sections Collapsed to understand this overview.

2 The ability to **Access a specific Section ** to elicit information from a task , requires a lot of scrolling often, when there are many tasks and sections

3 Several major task managers I have seen, carry a BUTTON , which allows this function to happen - Open & Close all Sections - on Toggle mode.

Request this feature be added as it is critical functionality . Thanks

Thank you so much for this feedback. We would surely pass this message to the internal team for their inputs.

May I know which softwares offer this feature? As I haven’t encountered cloud softwares which offer this.

Airtable has this option and I use often.

I don’t think @Padmanabhan_Subraman is talking about sections in board view. But there being able to collapse all sections together in the list view.

Correct me if I am wrong Padmanabhan.

As mentioned earlier, several application do provide a toggle button or Keyboard shortcut to collapse and expand sections and subsections, in List view.

For example Quire does, so also Airtable and Wrike.