OOO automatic replies being bounced back into SmartTask -

Any way to not have the out off office messages set up in our work emails to come back to smarttask at all? Nobody likes how it will change the task name to show “automatic reply” unless deleted manually and how it shows the OOO message in comments. Can’t figure out how to fix this for everyone.

It can be a task that is manually created, the people are getting notifications sent frmo SmartTask that there is an update on a task assigned to them or following, if they are OOO there is an OOO automatic reply, so then that gets bounced back into SmartTask automatically. We don’t want that to happen.

We would like the option to not have every task we touch when someone else is OOO for their automated emails to go back into SmartTask. It is an inconvenience/annoyance for all people in our firm. Thanks!