New Custom Field Type: URL

It would be nice to have a new link custom field type for URLs. This would allow users to add a URL that when displayed in SmartTask would be clickable and open in a new window. Either a favicon or domain name could be displayed to maintain a clean look, but the functionality of the link being clickable would be extremely helpful.

Currently, I am adding URL as text, but this makes it difficult to quickly and easily access the links. Use case: I use the links to reference Google Sheets, Docs, Support tickets links from a separate system, and web pages.

Agreed, was disappoined to see this missing. Some critical custom field types are Website, Phone, Email

Would really like to see this as an option, saves having to open URLs from plain text.

Screenshot of how it’s handled in Asana (the last custom field is the URL one):

Text Custom Field now shows a external link option when a url is pasted in the input field.