Mobile version loading in Desktop app

Hello !

One person in my company has a new interface (no choice and it cannot be changed back :\ ).
This new interface has a lot of drawbacks, one being that when you look at your tasks (home button), you have your tasks listed but not the project they are attached to.
Creating a task is also longer (a few more clics which is annoying).
Left pane is too wide and cannot be resized…
These are only the very first feedbacks.

Attached is a screenshot.

=> Please make a possibility of not using it as long as it not fully polished.

It seems like your colleague has a small screen and which may be the reason why mobile version of SmartTask is being loaded instead of the desktop version.

Hello !

That was funny :slight_smile: !
You’re right that was the mobile version, but our screens are 32" so I guess they are wide enough.

The explanation is the following :
we use F12 on Chrome and then go on responsive mode on various websites we test.
If you do it on Smarttask, you go in mobile mode which is the expected behaviour. But if you cancel responsive mode (via F12), the app stays in mobile mode, which is not expected. Only way to correct this is to clean Chrome’s cache and log out/in.

Problem solved, thanks for your time !

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Ah, yes. Its because when the screen is small, the url changes to Once its in mobile version the url doesn’t automatically change back to the

100% true, nice support !