Mobile: Can not click on contacts

With the mobile versions of the app, if I am to place a phone number for a contact directly in the description of the task, it attempts to treat it as a website link, and just reports an error.

If I create the contact directly into the CRM also, it does link the contact, but I would have no way of just clicking the phone to make the call. I am still having to physically write/type out the number.
I see that there is a phone icon to the side, that it would seem like it should serve that function, but it does not.

Actually you need to give permission for the app to access your phone’s contact system.

I still seem to be having this issue across multiple devices, I have checked to allow all permissions that the application requires, and I am still not having any luck. Attempted devices include:
Pixel 2XL (Android 11)
Pixel 3a (Android 11)
Sony Xperia 5 ii (Android 10)
One Plus 8T (Android 11)

On Apple devices it seems to work fine.