Make Recurring Tasks Able to be a specific DAY, not only DATE

For instance, a task should be able to recur on the “3rd Monday” of each month. Or the “2nd Tuesday” of the month. Otherwise a content calendar would have to be manually created and populated each month. I believe this would be a very popular feature.

Enhancing recurring features is a great idea!

Adding an option for quarterly would also be nice.

Yes, there needs to be more flexibility in settings recurring tasks. Clickup and Nifty handle this very intuitively.

I want::

Recurring (once/twice/) per (day/week/month) only on (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/etc.)

Some examples:

Recur every 1st Monday of the month at 9:00am
Recur twice per month on starting (1st/2nd) Monday of the month
Recur once every 3 months on last day of the month