Include Automations When Creating New Projects Based On Custom Project Templates

Project templates are a great feature and our entire team loves them!

If you’re not currently using them you are missing out.

It would be nice if the automations that were set up in a project template also copied over when creating a new project based on that specific custom project template.

Expending this existing feature would:

  • save lots of time and speed up new project setup
  • prevent human error when having to re-setup automations manually
  • keep things consistent across similar projects

Yes… project template only copied structure. automation is not copied… and i need to reset it every single time…

Right now, if we want to create a project like a previous one, we have to either:

  1. use the Duplicate feature, then delete all the tasks and manually create the automations; or
  2. create a new project from scratch

We would save a lot of time and error if the Duplicate Project function could:

  1. copy the automations
  2. not copy the tasks (i.e. all sections are blank)

Though automations can’t be copied. This allows us avoid a lot of issues internally. I am sure there would be a better way to duplicate automations in the future.

However, you can simply create a project with empty sections and mark it as a template. This you could simply utilize to create a new project.