Implement the Eisenhower Priority Matrix

Instead of using Low, Medium and High priorities, can we have the option to use:

  1. Important & Urgent
  2. Important & Not Urgent
  3. Not Important & Urgent
  4. Not Important & Not Urgent

This is based on the Eisenhower Matrix.

So anything with:

  • Priority 1 will get the tag “Do First”
  • Priority 2 will get the tag “Schedule”
  • Priority 3 will get the tag “Delegate”
  • Priority 4 will get the tag “Delete or Don’t Do”


Not sure if this is helpful or not, but you could create a dropdown custom field with those options. I like this idea, and will probably do that for my personal tasks project :slight_smile:

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Yes, creating custom fields is a workaround. Thanks for your comment.