Font Size Option

I’d love the ability to change the font size of the sections and tasks. I admit it’s purely for aesthetic reasons on my part but from an accessibility point of view, for users with impaired vision, it might also be a nice feature to have in the settings.

For me, I find the font of the Sections too large (it looks amateurish and wrong to me) and I have the same opinion of the ADD NEW GROUP button. Asana looks much nicer.

I’m on macOS by the way, using Chrome or Safari. It looks fine on the mobile app.

I suspect though, I’ll be in the minority for this request! Thanks

Thanks a lot Sara,

Every opinion matters to us. I will surely have a look at what we can do here to make it better. :+1:

Yes, increasing the font, or changing the font type. I actually zoom in in my Chrome browser so everything looks bigger in Smarttask.