Feature Request - Workflows: More dynamic and fluid automation


I am requesting a feature that I believe would have a great impact on your software.

Currently, you have the capability to create and store custom fields inside tasks. I am seeking the functionality to do something with it so that it has more use rather than just being there for display purposes.

I propose a new automation system that works on the IF THEN ELSE logic.

IF being the capability to select a data attribute stored inside a task and an action that would take place.
For example:
IF TaskA is moved to SectionA THEN …
IF CustomAttributeA contains “X”

THEN being the capability based on the IF logic to set an action in a more dynamic way.
For example:
… THEN set CustomAttributeA to equal “Test”
… THEN Move TaskA to SectionB
… THEN set project to ProjectA

ELSE is similar to the THEN section but only executes after the IF does not catch anything. Example are the same as the THEN statement.

I hope the above makes sense.

This feature of more dynamic and fluid automation will remove any sort of administrative overhead when managing smart tasks whilst also removing the manual labor and double handling of tasks furthermore reducing the chance of error through human activity.

I would love to have access to play in an automation setting with all the different datapoints that SmartTask is able to collect.

A working example of this would be how Zendesk allows for custom triggering and automation.

Thank you!

Like Asana work flow must be created and automation must be included ,