Feature Request: "Nag Me" for Reminders

Please make the ability to set “nagging” reminders.

Other apps have this and it is invaluable - for tasks that are important - I can set a reminder, but I might be busy when the reminder comes in. I dont want to re-set the reminder by hand - I want to set a “nag me” repeat reminder until I complete the task.

The app called Alarmed has this feature - you can set it to nag you every x minutes - Id like to be able to set it to any amount of time - every 5 minutes, every 1 hour, every 1 day (that would mean it would remind me again at the same time the next day).

I know we can set recurring reminders to be daily - but nagging on the same task can be different than a brand new version of the task being re-created for the next day. I want the old due date still on it.

Thank you very much for the feature request. This does sound interesting and I would surely pass it among the team for their feedback.