Feature Request: Images in Comments make attachments

Coming from another product my team uses images more than text to communicate (it is worth 1000 words after all :slight_smile: )

in the other product pasting an image as a comment

  1. doesn’t require text with the image
  2. attached the image to the card
  3. showed a thumbnail in the comment instead of the full-size image

this product

  1. requires test
  2. does not add it as an attachment
  3. leave the image full size making a huge unviewable comment (I have 4k screenshots) that you need to right-click and open in a new tab to view.

My request is to make this product work like the other one, I think it would make images as comments much more user-friendly/usable.

Agreed, there is no ‘good’ way to add an image as a comment, they are treated as attachments, definite + 1 to improve this