Feature Request: Checklist within a task

It would be great if we can create a checklist within a task. Similar to https://help.trello.com/article/737-adding-checklists-to-cards

Apparently, Asana used to have this feature but they removed it for some reason. Zoho Projects has this feature - you can keep a library of checklists and attach any checklist to a specific task.

Wouldn’t creating subtasks under a task work?

If not you can utilize bullet points in the description section and then strick off formating when the bullet point is done.


I believe this would be useful for smaller tasks, or items that need to be completed to complete the larger task. Adding subjects would work for larger tasks, but smaller items would clutter up the Task list. For example: if the task was Take out Garbage, it could be: __ breakroom __ comm room __ reception __ conference room, etc.