Feature Request: Attach and/or Copy Paste Images into a Task Comment

It would be useful to be able to copy and paste an image into a task comment or to attach and/or drag and drop a file to a comment. Having these files and images associated with the comment makes more sense than just associating with the task.

Yes I’d like the ability to attach files into a comment as well… Wrike has this feature and I used it all the time!

Hello !
Just FYI : I manage to do it using this trick : write something then paste your image, wait upload then post the comment. The fact that you write something before is the key.

I did managed to copy and paste image all the while time(but sometimes the win app have bug that have upload issue)… but the main issue i faced was the image was too big when pasted in… It would be good if it is responsive and and resize to the window…

thanks for the awesome information.