Feature Request - Ability To View All Groups in Sidebar (Not having to click "More Groups" Constantly)

I have a lot of groups setup and I’m finding it frustrating having to click “More Groups” to find the group I want to switch to (as currently clicking More groups only reveals a couple at a time)… it would be nice to have a feature to enable all the Groups to just show in the sidebar.

This is just not viable as its a huge performance implication. We have companies with 1000s of projects. When we load a group we also load 10-20 projects within the group.

So when a company has too many groups and projects and a initial load is triggered it would take more time to process and return the sidebar data to the user. This is a performance degradation, which we would want to avoid.

What’s the feasibility of a search function? Using this you wouldn’t have to load all the Groups.

There is already a search functionality for projects from the top search input.