Email Update and Reply for Chat

When someone chatting in the system, every members in the project can receive email and they can reply directly without open or login to the system just by replying directly from the email and the message or chat can be sent through email. So email and chat can be simultenously. The same run for the update status.

This is important because not every clients want to download the apps.

Also whitelabelling the email subject by projects name and even email smtp will be awesome.

Hi David, this is already there within tasks. You have invited a client as guest follower in a particular task, any comment you make will go as an email to the client.

Can client reply from the email directly?
Howbout the chat feature? Do they get the email too?

Yes, client can reply to the email. Try the following, invite a secondary email of yours as a guest in task. The secondary email would receive an email update, reply to that email and see that reply added as a task comment.

Email on Conversation update has been enabled for Conversation Feed. We highly recommend trying it out.