Email to SmartTask

If I send an email to a project, the task created contains only a part of the message body.

Also, it would be nice if it could store an internal link to open the original message.

Since the email in your Inbox is private to you and you alone, it doesn’t make sense to share the link with the team. Moreover, since we don’t know what email client we received the email from its difficult to form an link and attach it to the Email body.

With regards to Message body, can you elaborate a little with an example may be.

The email is correctly added to Smarttask but the content is shorter as the original one or no-existent. Only the Subject is correct

The other question is a feature from Todoist, which allow to “convert” an email to a task, directly from the email client (in my case Apple Mail).
Not as a task to share with the team, but as a personal to-do action.
I just thought it could be a nice addition to Smarttask.

So, we trim out the area after your main message. That is forwarded email part is automatically trimmed, to avoid this you can copy paste the forwarded message to main message.

This is to avoid previous mail threads to show up in the description area.

Ok, I got your point.

Please notice that there’s a small bug. The first and all double carriage returns of the email are ignored in SmartTask.

this really need to be worked on. the message that came in as task are messy as the text arrangement are totally different from the one sent from email.

Would also like to have a preview of the email attached file in project instead of direct download when clicked.

This has been addressed in recent release