Couple of questions about template projects, feed, video calls and more

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if these would count as a feature rrquest or if there’s already a way to do the following things:

  1. Hide template projects and their tasks: I created quite a few templates and thought I could delete the source project after saving it as a template - but the template then is gone too. Is there a way to at least hide or archive template projects so that my project list only shows real, active projects and that my “tasks I have created that are uncomplete” reqport isn’t crowded with template-project tasks that will never be completed anyway?
  2. Pin posts in the feed: Until there’s a docs or wiki function, I’d put documentation like the script of a video project or a speaker briefing for a conference I’m presenting at into the feed as a post. Is it possible to somehow pin / hold these important information posts at the top of the feed to not get pushed down by general ocnversations?
  3. GIve external people the video call link in advance: I finally found out how to get that invite link for external meeting participants (like an interviewee for my tech video channel) but the link seems to only be available after the meeting already started. I’d like to semd it to them in an email a day or so before the meeting. Is this possible? If so, how?
  4. Remname “Karma Points”: I love the gamification feature that helps to build a work atmosphere of appreciation and friendly competition. But can I rename the “Karma points” to something that makes a bit more sense for my industry, brand or culture?
  5. Change login background: On the same note - can I change the login screen background somewhere in the whitelabel settings? It’s a lovely photo, but something “techy” and futuristic would really fit my brand of being a tech content creator, author and speaker.

Thanks so much in advance if someone takes the time to answer some of my questions.

Hi @Saskia_Bader,

  1. So, typically you create a private group called Project Templates only give rights to this group to members who are supposed to make edits to the project templates.
    If you are allocating tasks in the project template too, you would not want them being reflected in the user’s tasklist as its a template task. In this case just mark the task as completed in the template. (That way it won’t show up in the user’s tasklist and at the same time when the project gets duplicated the task is incomplete and shows up in the user’s tasklist.)
  2. That’s a great feature. I would suggest creating a separate thread for this feature request. (As people would be able to vote on it specifically.
  3. That again is a great feature request, please create a separate post for this feature request.
  4. What would you suggest?
  5. I get you, you can create a separate thread for this feature request.


I am archiving this case for now due to multiple requests in one thread.

Please create individual threads for each feature requests so people can vote on them.

Thanks a lot, again.