Color palete improvement

Please, so much similar colors (custom fields, project colors…) we need better qualitative color palete, for example this is much better choice:

Hoping this improvement is not so hard and can be done fast :slight_smile:

Hi @Ognjen_Odobasic this seems to be very dull color palete. (UI would become of 90s)

Can you be more specific as to why you think the color palete needs change. Is you have a problem with specific colors in the color dropdown do let us know.

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Hi @Shyamal, color palete of UI interface of platform should be modern, but label colors in my opinion is better that you give users better different look so in less then second they can see bigger differences between colors.

From another side, it is important that you take care about contrast so color blind people can again see more differences between colors.

At any case, you can extend color pallet and give bigger freedom what somebody can choose, u are improving UX then :wink:

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I am very visual - as many Project Developers are and Colors help keeping the overview. It would also be great if you add the possibility to colour the sections in colours I want? like in Meistertask? that would be GREAT! also for personalized fields. I dont like the colors at all …
Why not let us choose the color we want? That would be a big improvement for many I guess!

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Hey you can change the color of the Custom Field options here. Just edit the Custom Field and you would see a color square click on it to edit the color. Example image below:

I agree on the possibility to have the user choose their own colour, not only for Custom Fields - that would be ideal!

I have to add to this a beautiful feature I found in Trello which shows a preview of the colours as per screenshot below:


Once you add the HEX code and save the task the little squares show the colour of that code.
I find it super useful for creatives and marketing teams that work on designs and need that visual input straight away.

If you think I should open a separate request for this I definitely will.

And THANK YOU as always for your great work! :star_struck: