Calendar - Option to select Monday or Sunday start + Calendar view to show at least 3-5 tasks

Hey guys - great job so far!

Me and my team primarily work off calendar views in Asana, but would love to switch to ST (LOVE the week and day view).

As stated in the title, I’d love to have an option to select either a Monday or a Sunday start for the calendar.

Also, the option to see at least 3-5 tasks at a time - would also be nice that it will show the top 3-5 priority tagged tasks (or even sorted by highest to lowest priority tasks) for extra focus.

Thanks for the good work, SmartTask team!

Thanks Kiki,

For the feature request, what would you prefer? Monday as a start week day or Sunday?

Yes, we are thinking about increasing the number of tasks on display. Its something on our minds.


Thanks for your quick response, Shyamal!

We typically prefer Monday to start our week, but some would like a Sunday.

Excited to learn about you guys thinking about increasing the number of tasks on display for the calendar! Hope it’s possible!

Thanks again!

+1 on the option for people to choose between Sunday and Monday as week start. Maybe you can make it as a checkbox in profile preferences. I personally would set the week start to Monday, that’s how we do it here in Germany.

Monday is now the default week start.

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Please make it an option to select which day to start the week, Monday or Sunday, and not force EVERYONE who has a Smart Task Account to a Monday start. My techs are not happy about not being able to choose their Start Day. They prefer Sunday.