Bug: Unable to delete comments

We can edit comments in Asana and Trello - two of the most popular task and project management systems in the world.

You could limit the editing time to 1 hour or give us it as an account setting to let clients choose to allow editing if they so wish. It’s a fairly basic thing.

Highly agree - I would like to be able to delete/edit my comments.


This is a serious bug. You can’t effectively invite a client to a board without the ability to delete comments. I am a professor at a major US university. I can’t use this with my students, because of this bug, as we require FERPA-compliance. If something is accidentally said, in a comment, and we couldn’t delete it, we could be held liable.


This bug also shows up when a comment is emailed in.

An ADMIN (yep, that’s me) should always be able to edit & delete comments.

There is already an ability to delete comments -> Any user would be able to delete a comment he posted within 5 mins. While an organization admin can at any time delete any task comment