Bug: Unable to delete comments

We can edit comments in Asana and Trello - two of the most popular task and project management systems in the world.

You could limit the editing time to 1 hour or give us it as an account setting to let clients choose to allow editing if they so wish. It’s a fairly basic thing.

Highly agree - I would like to be able to delete/edit my comments.


This is a serious bug. You can’t effectively invite a client to a board without the ability to delete comments. I am a professor at a major US university. I can’t use this with my students, because of this bug, as we require FERPA-compliance. If something is accidentally said, in a comment, and we couldn’t delete it, we could be held liable.


This bug also shows up when a comment is emailed in.

An ADMIN (yep, that’s me) should always be able to edit & delete comments.

There is already an ability to delete comments -> Any user would be able to delete a comment he posted within 5 mins. While an organization admin can at any time delete any task comment

Guys, please enable delete comment even if after 5 mins. that is not reasonable. comment owner should be able to delete anytime, and the organization owner should delete all.

And also the files that are deleted the image of the old file keep showing by activities. This makes us think that still the wrong file on the task.