Bug Fix: Illogical Task Sort for Tasks grouped (sorted) by Tag in My Tasks view

Please logically sort tasks when they are grouped by Tag. When we select the “Sort: By Tags” option in My Tasks view, the tasks are neatly grouped by their Tags, but there is no logic to how the tasks are sorted within those groups. In my testing, one of my Tag groups showed tasks sorted chronologically with the furthest due date at the top and the closet due date at the bottom. That in my opinion isn’t helpful in the least, since you would logically want to see tasks in the order they are due starting at the top of the list.

In another Tag group, it showed a task due next week at the top of the list, but the other two tasks were listed in reverse. It was like this:

Tag Group:

  • Task due January 4 2021
  • Task due June 30 2021
  • Task due March 31 2021

That makes no logical sense. And I did check to see if the tasks were being sorted alphabetically (which I personally don’t prefer or find useful), and it could be possible with this Tag group, but not at all with the other Tag group.

I really hope you guys consider fixing this. At the very least just make it so that the tasks are sorted within the Tag groups chronologically by most recent due date to furthest due date. Honestly, that in my opinion would be enough. I really don’t think it needs to be more complicated than that.