Better control over permissions for guests and core members to restrict their ability to delete tasks created by others

As of now, there are two types of users: Comment Only Users and Users with Edit permissions.
Unfortunately, “Edit” users are allowed to delete the tasks created by others.
I suggest expanding the permission functionality with the ability to limit what users can do and in particular, don’t let them delete/rename tasks created by others.
In other words, I would like to allow users to create tasks but don’t want them to be able to delete/rename tasks especially created by others.

Also ability to give Guests permission to see one project and not another in the same group.

Ability to let a guest user only see a particular project or a task is already there.

You should only be inviting the guest user to a particular project or the task you want to share with them.

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I know there is the ability for guest, core and admin, but would be good to have a bit more control and granularity of these as its too simplistic for organisations.
Even within a single company you have administrative, admin and departmental access, so its too limiting to just have core members and admin, there should be at least 1 or 2 intermediary levels. At the very least a master admin, manager, core user and guest would make sense.