Attachments handling

  1. Would like the ability to delete an attachment added inline to attachment (not just on the top but inline to the comment of where it was added in
  2. Would like the ability to save an attachment
  3. Would like there to be a history of attachment and deletion if there was one.
  4. Bug in attachment handler -> File doesn’t show up in the ‘files’ section.

+1 for this, I think you have highlighted all the main issues that are making comments such a terrible experience for us.
I just had a situation today where a staff member accidentally added added the same image 5 times (presumably because there was not update to show the attachment was successful) and even when the attachments are deleted, they are still showing in the conversation, taking up huge amounts of screen space for no reason.

Now when the attachment is deleted from the task, the old activity referring to file being attached in the task would be deleted.