Assign Task to multiple users

I have some tasks that require multiple users as assignee. Like meetings.
I am managing the workload, and I have a team of around 8.
I can’t keep on duplicating the same task as it is time consuming.

Could be a good idea to have the ability to use this from time to time.

But to be honest, if you assign a task to multiple people there will be a problem. Even Asana doesn’t allow that.

You can add people as subscriber to a given task. What I also do (live environement) is to change the assignee from someone to someone else when the assignee feels it is not his duty anymore (he has done his part).

+1 for this feature, there are many occasions where this would be useful for me. I have never understood why so many task apps don’t consider that a single task might require more than 1 person working on it. Sure, there should be a hierarchy and ‘task leader’ but that is just not a reality in many cases.

Here’s what I do in these situations (not sure if it’ll help, but I like helping where possible). If a task is so big that it might require the efforts of multiple people, then that usually suggests that the task can probably be broken down into subtasks.

Assuming that’s true, I would define the subtasks, assign the task to the “task leader” then have them assign the subtasks to the appropriate people.

Obviously, this feedback doesn’t help the initial problem of having a meeting but figured I would offer it here for anyone who might face the scenario I outlined.

See You At The Top!

Valid point, certainly if a task is big, breaking down into smaller tasks makes sense, but there are some situation where the task itself is not complex but still requires the oversight of more than 1 person.
Another example is if a task can be completed by more than one person, so I would allocated it to the people (or group) that can handle it, then when any specific member is available, they can take charge and become solely responsible for the task. I think that second scenario is very common and thinking about it groups or teams is something else that might be a useful feature to add. We already have this in our support ticket system and its a good way of allocating tickets without having to specify an individual.

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Lets take both the scenarios you talked about:

  1. Need a manager to have oversight on a particular task
  • Simply add the manager as a follower, they are not supposed to do the task themselves but rather have it done by someone else. Why should the manager be seeing the task in his own list? Doesn’t make sense.
  • Imagine a manager having 10 people under him. Following your logic he would be seeing 100s of tasks from across his team in his tasklist view. He would just abandon using the tool and go back pen and paper. You don’t want that. Infact its not efficient.
  • Instead the manager should create a Advanced Search view of all his sub-ordinates and monitor it every 5 days. That would be more efficient.
  1. Allocate a task to a group and then whoever is free would pick it up.
  • I would rather suggest allocating it to a manager in the team. Manager has the overview of what’s happening with his team so he should be the one choosing which tasks gets to be done by whom.
  • If you don’t follow this process you would soon have a situation where a single person is overloaded with work while others are under-utilized.

Both points taken, I guess its a matter of workflow and number of tasks

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