Android notification - custom sound selection

I take my SmartTask phone notifications seriously, and hence I want to be able to easily distinguish a SmartTask notification from other less-important ones. A means of doing that is to assign a custom sound so that I can instantly know that it’s from SmartTask.

If I change the notification sound for the Android app, I can only choose from ringtone files and not notification files. This means that whenever SmartTask makes a sound, it keeps ‘ringing’ forever until I manually dismiss it.

The fix is to allow the selection of notification files instead of ringtone files. This is how it is supposed to be, so this is really a bug rather than a feature request.

I’ve discovered a workaround on my Pixel 6 Pro: when you go to change the notification sound, select My Sounds then press the + sign in the bottom-right corner to select any file on the phone. It’s still a hack though: the sound file selection should go straight to the Notifications folder and not to the Ringtones folder.

Hi Sridhar, this seems like a Android OS or Manufacturer specific OS issue. I don’t think there is something we can do about this for now.

Will keep an eye out for other people facing this issue and would re-visit if multiple people are having a similar issue. (Moving to Feature Request channel).

I would like to be able to choose a custom sound on an iphone for all smarttask notifications as well - because this is how I run my business so the sound needs to be loud and different from other notifications.

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