Add voice memo to task from within the mobile app


I suggest following feature, when I’m driving a car and want to add new task, it would be nice to be able to from within the app record a short voice memo that later on I can transcribe as proper task.


ability to record voice direct in task and also in the commnets

Thanks this is something we have received as a feature request from a lot of users and we would love to develop it soon.

However, we have other high priority items that we would like to address first.

Skype & Whatsapp has made us habitual of using voice note features. 1-minute voice note can save at least 5 minutes of typing. Would ultimately fasten the productivity of the team.

Yes. I agree. Also Voice to Text for Text Input boxes for faster inputting of descriptions and such. I think it would be really cool feature that will make this product stand out. When my son can hit the mic icon and ‘speak’ what he wants to see in the search box in youtube Kids, I thought it was the best thing invented since sliced bread!

I imagine using it on the mobile device for quick On-the-Go inputs of tasks.