Ability to make table like Airtable or Start Infinity

It would be Awesome if we can make custom table for project management like Notion, airtable or start infinity

Yes, our goal is to convert the current tasklist view to a table like view eventually.

Really nice to hear that!:smiley:

Was hoping that not only table view, but making the table customizeable will be good.
For example, we can set properties, or upload photo, or assign name there

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “set properties” and “assign name”?

Hi please see this infinity video : https://youtu.be/gtoYgPTCt5s , you can start watch at 1:37 minute

Or like this(airtable), where we can set the first column is what, add any column for date, detail, assignee or even upload photo. That maybe kanban or calendar view cant show unless we click on it.

Changing some color would be good too,

To summarize this, I was hoping that we can have a table view with customizeable and beautiful UI too

Thanks for the fast response!