Ability to add general note in a project not just a task

This is important because not everything we add to a project is a task.

Now of course we can add general tasks, but the problem arises if a team member would “delete” any task by mistake.

A quick alternative of this can be:

1.) Normal users (not admins) are not allowed to delete a task
2.) Normal users can only mark a task as “completed” if it was assigned to them. If it is an “unassigned task” then only the admins can mark it as complete or delete it

Added as a suggestion here - Normal users (not admins) are not allowed to delete a task

This is a great suggestion. Having this ability in CRM would also be helpful because currently there is one section to add a note that anyone can edit. Having the ability to add general notes that are user and date/time-stamped would be very helpful.

Or probably an integration with other apps like miro/notion/jamboard or note taking.
It is really missing a place to put in project related notes and perhaps brainstorming ability

This is connected to a HUGE issue I have with SmartTask. When using the CRM, there isn’t a good way to add notes to contacts.

For example, let’s say I reach out to 15 prospects today. I want to add them to the CRM and create notes about the contact. BUT, I don’t want to create a pipeline deal yet, as I am not sure if we are qualified to work together yet. So by adding quick notes into the CRM we could keep the pipeline nice and clean and be able to use the CRM like a REAL CRM should be used.

I hope to see this soon as I might leave SmartTask without this. It’s actually hindering my prospecting and I don’t want to have to use a separate CRM just to take notes.

There are 2 ways to add notes to a project:

  1. Project description - Here you can add the description of the project in detail
  2. News Feed - This like like FB posts. You can put in details here too.


Just to throw my input into this, yes there is the description area, but it does not allow for any rich text formatting, so other than leaving the most basic of information, it does not really allow for any more detailed information that would be useful for a project.

IMHO a section next to feeds / chat … perhaps called ‘notes’ with a more feature rich editor would be useful.

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