Tab for Wiki section

Would like to request for additional Wiki tab for each project with sections divider and able to attached image.

That’s a great idea, sure let me pass that on to the team.

How about mindmap tab?

Midmap will be a good addition. We use Flow chart to automate our project flow, but might get complicated.

Is this a request for adding a wiki feature (and accessing it via a tab), or is there already a wiki functionality that I’m not aware of? Thanks.

This is a request for wiki tab for each project.

Is there currently a “wiki” feature in SmartTask, and you are asking that it be made accessible via a new “wiki” tab?

Or are you asking that they create a new “wiki” functionality in SmartTask and suggesting where they might make it available?

Refering to the latter. Should I just change the wording to "additional tab for wiki for each project? "

Thank you for the clarification, Daniel. Clearly, Shyamal and the SmartTask Team understood you, so you did get your point across.

I suppose I would not have been confused if the title had been “Project Wikis”. Cheers.